Tuesday, April 25, 2023


I've been contemplating the state of being unseen lately. Western culture is full of elbows and jostle as everyone pushes against the crowds wanting to be seen, to be heard and acknowledged. I completely understand this. It's at the core of all of us, the desire to be seen. Honestly, I'm pretty sure it's a God thing at it's root, a hunger he installed meant to be fulfilled by himself, but without God it gets ugly and loud.  Can I be content to be only seen by One?  If I return to dust having never been seen, applauded, acknowledged can I do so satisfied that it was meant to be so?  

I think of generations gone by and how many complex stories, beautiful thoughts, magnificent talents,  and rich lives settled into the dust with only a handful of people ever knowing the wealth of those souls.  They lived in small communities where their names were known but beyond the town limits no one had ever heard of them.  Did they live content in this smallness?  Is it small?  Surely it's no small thing to only touch the lives of a handful of people.  Beauty is beauty whether the human eye beholds it or not.  Character forged in the fires of this life shines for eternity regardless of applause this side of heaven.  And yet it remains a struggle to be faithful in the small stuff when no one sees.  Living before an audience of One, it takes surrender, humility and resolve.

To be continued.

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