Wednesday, August 2, 2023


Have you ever had a dream so vivid that it felt like reality?  You wake to "reality" and wonder how what you just experienced while sleeping could possibly be a dream.  This is New Zealand to me now.  I am awake in my reality wondering how the years we spent in New Zealand is just a dream now, a very vivid dream. Sometimes I think God allowed me that time in the land of the long white cloud just to bring home to my soul what my current day to day is vs. heaven.  Even though my time in NZ feels like a vivid dream to me now I know for certain that I stood on that dirt, breathed that air, saw that green, tasted those blueberries.  You couldn't convince me otherwise.  I know it in my soul.  The reality of the eternal is like that.  I know it in my soul.  I have tasted bits of eternity throughout my life, joy that exceeds containing, friendship sweeter than anything, hope in the blackest of nights.  You couldn't convince me otherwise.

In my experience God specializes in hands on training and living word pictures.  He goes to great lengths to reveal truth to me and His patience while doing so knows no limitations.  It could easily be that the years spent in that lovely land were to this end only.  Regardless I'm pretty sure I won't know this side of eternity, so for now I will just be thankful for the dream.